Never say never

So a middle-aged divorced mother of two, who also happens to be a priest, despairing of ever finding a partner who isn’t freaked out by one of her modifying adjectives, signs up for OKCupid. She goes on a few dates with some guys who are all good, decent folk, but there’s no spark. One day she gets a message that someone has rated her profile 4 or 5 stars! She goes back to read his profile with more care, nodding as she goes at his interests, his wordplay, his handsome face, only to find, at the very, very end, this sentence: “No theology students.” So, with a little trepidation—she didn’t usually out herself as clergy in the first email—she writes him, saying that yes, she had been a theology student but that she had mastered divinity and had the paper to prove it. Was he still interested? He was. They had coffee. They went to a blues club. They debated theology and culture. They danced. And so began a strange adventure . . .

About stacyandjohn

She is an Episcopal priest. He is a Theravadin Buddhist trying to be a playwright. They blog together, on their religions, their relationship, other religions, and about breaching the chasm between Niravanas and Heaven.
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