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She is an Episcopal priest, He is a Theravadin Buddhist trying to be a playwright. They blog together, on their religions, their relationship, other religions and about breaching the chasm between Niravanas and Heaven.

A Rainbow Connection?

God didn’t need in that moment for me to stop seeing the water vapor transformed into prisms of light and, or even to use it as some kind of lens toward God. Continue reading

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Faith: It’s Not for the Weak

I have no reason to expect a simple solution. The answer will need to handle all the convolutions that our psyche will fling to avoid it. Problems are strong, pain is powerful, and the world is built on a foundation of suffering that feeds on itself and attacks us every day. Continue reading

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Christmas Birth: As Challenging as Death

We made our first journey to the Holy Land in 2015 and spent Christmas in Bethlehem, where, for Christians, it all began. Many picture Bethlehem as it is romantically depicted on Christmas cards: sweet, clean, calm. What I found, however, behind the … Continue reading

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Buzzkill Buddha

Recently an ancient Suttra, or sacred writing, of early 2nd century Buddhism was discovered on the Saraguptaskilihil Province in the Eastern Southwestern part of India.  The Suttra contains the precepts and teachings of an Avatar of the Buddha who is … Continue reading

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My conversion to Buddhism came not from a flash of light on the road to Damascus or the view from a mountaintop, or even an intense gaze into the eyes of a newborn dolphin.  It was a process.  A hard … Continue reading

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Ascension Day: Grief Rather Than Triumph?

I wrote this back on May 15th, but forgot to post it. Here you go: Yesterday was the Feast of the Ascension, the day many Christian churches remember Jesus’ ascent into heaven forty days after the Resurrection. It always falls … Continue reading

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A sermon for the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

Preached Sunday, July 19, 2015 Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago Mary Magdalene. Apostle to the apostles, proclaimer to the proclaimers , the one sent forth to those sent forth. At first it seemed to me that this is perhaps … Continue reading

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